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TEL : +81-49-241-1515Admission
application form

School enrollment procedure

Selection process

After having analyzed the application, the School will held an examination and an interview.

The procedure from the application to the admission

  • 1Attach to a mail a scan of the necessary documents for the application
  • 2Documents examination and interview
  • 3Submit the documents by mail
  • 4Examination operated by the Immigration Bureau
  • 5Examination results publication
  • 6Payment school fee and others
  • 7Sending Certificate of Eligibility, Letter of acceptance.
  • 8Deliver of the visa to the Japanese Embassy of your country
  • 9School entrance

School fee refund rule

  • 1.

    After the delivery of the Certificate of Eligibility and the payment of the School fee.If occur one of the following cases:
    1- Give up the study;
    2- Don`t get the visa at the Japanese Embassy;
    Except for the selection charge and the admission fee, money will be refund.

  • 2.

    In case of refund, students will take the responsability of paying transfer expenses.

* After the student returned to the School both the Certificate of Eligibility and the Letter of acceptance, then the School will operate refunds as mentioned above.
* After the enrollment the school will not take the responsibility of refunds for any reason.