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Admission application form
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TEL +81-49-241-1515 Admission application form

School enrollment procedure

Selection process

After having analyzed the application, the School will held an examination and an interview.

The procedure from the application to the admission

  • 1Attach to a mail a scan of the necessary documents for the application
  • 2Documents examination and interview
  • 3Submit the documents by mail
  • 4Examination operated by the Immigration Bureau
  • 5Examination results publication
  • 6Payment school fee and others
  • 7Sending Certificate of Eligibility, Letter of acceptance.
  • 8Deliver of the visa to the Japanese Embassy of your country
  • 9School entrance

School fee refund rule

  • 1.

    After the delivery of the Certificate of Eligibility and the payment of the School fee.If occur one of the following cases:
    1- Give up the study;
    2- Don`t get the visa at the Japanese Embassy;
    Except for the selection charge and the admission fee, money will be refund.

  • 2.

    In case of refund, students will take the responsability of paying transfer expenses.

* After the student returned to the School both the Certificate of Eligibility and the Letter of acceptance, then the School will operate refunds as mentioned above.
* After the enrollment the school will not take the responsibility of refunds for any reason.