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Teachers introduction

  • photo of Head Master Mr. Koiwa

    Head Master Mr. Koiwa


  • photo of Ms. Ibuki

    Ms. Ibuki

  • photo of Ms. Ito

    Ms. Ito

  • photo of Ms. Yano

    Ms. Yano

  • photo of Ms. Ota

    Ms. Chiba

  • photo of Ms. Takahashi

    Ms. Takahashi

  • photo of Ms. Sugiura

    Ms. Sugiura

  • photo of Ms. Takeshita

    Ms. Takeshita

Administrative Office

  • photo of Ms. Shimizu

    Ms. Shimizu

  • photo of Mr. Furuuchi

    Mr. Furuuchi

  • photo of Ms. Koh

    Ms. Koh

  • photo of Mr. Hasebe

    Mr. Hasebe

  • photo of Ms. Taniguchi

    Ms. Taniguchi

  • photo of Mr. Viet

    Mr. Viet

  • photo of Mr. Higashi

    Mr. Higashi

  • photo of Mr.Ou