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About Japanese rules

Japan is one of the most comfortable and safest country in the world.
Because there is various rules in Japan and people here strictly keep that rules.
Basic rules of Japan

1Outside rulespoint

Please remember to bring with you  Japanese Resident Card every time you go out.
Going out without the Japanese Resident Card is forbidden.

2Part time job rulespoint

Before engage in any working activity please inform the School
If forbidden engage in activity offering drinking companionship to clients, work in places with soft lights, in hidden or not clearly visible rooms, mah-jongg, pachinko centers, game centers, serve to clients alone in the private room (massage salons) and so on.
Furthermore, distributing advertising flyers, working as a dish washer or cleaning staff in this kind of activity is forbidden too.

3Rules on alcohol and tobaccopoint

Persons under 20 years old are not allowed to smoke and drink alcohol. Moreover, it is prohibited smoking in places not equipped with ashtray (for example while walking on the street).

4Traffic rulespoint

Cross the roads only when the traffic light turn green.
It is prohibited ride a bicycle in two. Please use only your personal bicycles registered for your usage. Do not borrow bicycles from your friends. During night hours turn the lights of your bicycle on, any violation of this prescription will be punished with a fine. Also in case you are responsible for an accident you will be punished with the payment of a fine. While you are riding a bicycle do not use umbrella, telephone or any devices that requires the use of your hands.

5Personal belongings rulespoint

It is prohibited bring in your bag or pockets knifes and any other kind of dangerous objects It is not allowed bring with you knifes or any sort of dangerous object.