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List of Schools and Universities

Record of Schools and University in which YAMATE students have succeeded in entering.

Universities, Graduate schools

  • Meiji University
  • Josai University
  • Toyo University
  • Takushoku University
  • Bunri University of Hospitality
  • Seigakuin University
  • Japan University of Economics
  • Takushoku University
  • Musashino University
  • Musashino Gakuin University
  • Meiji University Graduate School
  • Toyo University Graduate School
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Graduate School
  • Josai University Graduate School
  • Josai International University Graduate Scool
Meiji University Meiji University

Meiji University

Josai University Josai University

Josai University

Toyo University Toyo University

Toyo University

Vocational Schools

  • Hattori Nutrition College
  • Bunka Fashion College
  • Tokyo International Business College
  • Nakano School of Business
  • Honda Technical College Kanto
  • KANTO Industrial College
  • Yamate Business College
  • and more

Guide to higher level school

Yamate Japanese Language School plunges its roots in a private tutoring school founded 40 years ago. YAMATE provide high quality lessons and a wise guidance toward university or higher level schools. One of the main goal of course is learning Japanese language but is also important for students understand in which direction proceed after graduation. YAMATE will guide meticulously each student to realize his dream for the future.

Guidance details

The School occasionally holds explanatory meetings about the system of entrance in a higher level school and provides all the related details. These are the first steps toward the realization of students `dreams.

Guide to higher level school

A teacher in charge regularly holds discussion session in order to help students in entering in a higher level school. Every students are welcomed to participate to the discussion and share the newest update.

Examitations for Japanese University Admission (EJU) ・ Measures and strategies toward the target school

Among the elective classes there are preparative lessons to the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU). These lessons provide students all the necessary means to pass successfully the exam. Moreover, there are several support session that train student to pass the entrance exam of their target university.