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Each class is divided in different levels of difficulty
that fit students `ability, thereby creating the highest learning efficiency.


Students can use basic expression in everyday life conversations
and can read short and simple passages.


Students can communicate in everyday life,
read and write short composition and express thoughts and feelings.
This level corresponds to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3 - N2.


Students can speak with confidence about topics related to themselves,
can describe general circumstances and events.
This level corresponds to the N2 of JLPT.

Advanced 1

Students can read newspapers and magazines and express a personal opinion
without supervision. They can understand newspaper editorials and documentary program on television.
This level correspond to the N1 of JLPT.

Advanced 2

Students can debate on complex and abstract topic, can listen and use fluently academic Japanese that matches university and working standards. They can react appropriately in every situation.