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Son State of the interview1

Son / China National flag : China

After graduating in YAMATE I started a post-graduate course at Josai University.

Why you decided to study Japanese?

Becaus in China there are many occasion to deal with Japanese language. Moreover, I`m studing information technology and Japanese tecnology industry is one of the best in the world.

How is the post-graduate school in Japan?

The post-graduate school in Japan is completely different from China. In China courses are focused on Professor s`lectures while in Japan are focused mainly on individual reserches. In Japan when you don`t understand something you can ask to professors for clarifications. This is the Japanese style. Actually it allows you to immerge yourself in your own research. I have to admit that Japanese style is more suitable for me.

How did you know about YAMATE?

I searched YAMATE school on the web, in the same time one of my friend told me that he was about to enroll, so we did it together.

What attracted you?

In this school, teachers are very kind, and the classes and the way of teaching are responsible.

Son State of the interview2

How is the dormitory life?


There is one pa

I was impressed by the lessons. During the lessons we were encouraged to speak much as possible and I think that this approach was very useful. In addiction I remember vividly the trip to Fuji Highland, I really enjoyed it.

After the post-graduate school what are you planning to do?

Actually I`m absorbed by my research, so I haven`t thought about it yet.

Please give some advice to all the students that are thinking to join YAMATE.

I Think that the school is very good. The lessons are interesting and the Professors are very friendly. When you come in Japan you realize that the life here is different from your expectation. Sometimes happend that you bump into some difficulties but don`t worry about it because the staff of the school is ready to help you in every kind of situation. I think that the part time job is very important of course but be careful to don`t focus too much on it and forget your main purpose.

Son State of the interview3