2015 Spring new students training camp.

May 9 and 10, all of the new students conducted a two-day training camp in Shiga Highlands. Upon arrival we immediately launched a speaking engagements, almost all the students were trying to do the unscripted speech.
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And, the dinner was Sukiyaki, the reward of our speech.
P1010634 P1010636
After the dinner, we got a lot of talks about Learning and Life from school president and Koiwa school headmaster, so everone got a beneficial night.
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It was already May, but in Shiga Highlands was still piled up snow. For the students who has never seen snow, it really was an overjoyed thing, so everyone enjoyed the snow play.
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Just like school director said, everyone should to insist on two hours learning everyday, and try for get over than 90 score in every exam. And since now all of we try to be the person that [Making efforts], [Keep promises] and [Well‐mannered].